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Maine State Inspection

Time for a Maine State Motor Vehicle inspection or motorcycle inspection? Visit Byron's Auto Repair serving Biddeford, Saco, Kennebunk, and surrounding areas. We're an authorized ME inspection station for Class A & E Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles. We can perform inspections for all counties in Maine, including York and Cumberland.

Available Inspection Services

Maine Inspection in Biddeford

Maine Safety Inspection (Class A)

  • Class A inspections pertain to all motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating of less than 10,000 lbs. In addition we can inspect certain trailers not equipped with air brakes.

Maine Emissions Inspection (Class E)

  • Vehicle owners must perform an emissions test in Maine (or a Class E inspection) on all gasoline-powered vehicles registered in Cumberland County.
  • As part of the car emission test, the state requires vehicles to undergo the following inspections:
    • A general safety inspection - for all vehicles (including cars registered outside of Cumberland County). The safety portion of the car inspection examines the vehicle's seat belts, mirrors, reflectors, horn and catalytic converter for potential issues.
    • A gas cap pressure test - for vehicles manufactured after 1974. The state conducts the gas cap pressure test to ensure that the gas cap properly seals the vehicle's tank.
    • An onboard diagnostics inspection (OBD) - for vehicles manufactured after 1996. The On-Board Diagnostic system monitors the performance of the ignition, fuel metering and emissions systems while your vehicle is being driven. The purpose of the OBD is to ensure everything functions correctly and to identify problems early. During an emissions inspection, technicians connect to the OBD to learn whether or not the vehicle is performing within Maine emission standards.

If your car or motorcycle passes inspection, you’ll receive a new sticker. If your car or bike doesn't pass inspection, we'll explain what needs to be fixed and how long you have to do so.

Call 207-423-2250 to schedule your annual inspection.

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